Team Building

Structure for Team Building & Leadership Programme

The Elsham Activity Centre programme offers organisations access on a ‘cradle to grave’ basis, whereby initial entrants benefit from an early introduction to the importance of teamwork and the principles of leadership, while others within the organisation are catered for according to their role and needs.

In addition to its intrinsic value, this initial input suitably prepares individuals for subsequent leadership development appropriate to their position within the organisation at junior, middle and senior management level.

The modular design of the programme, outlined below, provides organisations with a flexible approach to staff development; with individuals attending in a logical sequence aligned to their own managerial progression or simply ‘dipping’ in or out of the programme to suit individual circumstances.

This flexible approach may also be adapted to cater for differing corporate strategies regarding leadership and managerial development. For instance some organisations may wish to start with senior managers and work ‘top down’, whereas others would want to address junior levels first. At Elsham Activity Centre, all variations can be catered for and bespoke programme's developed accordingly.

Whilst organisations may nominate individuals to attend any course, without prior attendance on the programme (subject to their current role being within corresponding target group), pre-entry criteria may be applied in some circumstances. Logical development would involve individuals attending stages 1–5 in order; aligned to their managerial progression.

Course Title Target Group Purpose
Basic Team Building New Entrants Self Awareness Elements and Principles of Team Building
Advanced Team Building All Employees Application of Teamwork
Junior Leaders Junior Managers Team & Individual Leadership
Leadership Progression Middle Managers To Be Agreed
Advanced Leadership Senior Managers To Be Agreed